The year is 20XX and global warming continues to devastate the Earth, the only hope for humanity is to punch the Sun right in the face! Use your DualShock 4 in unconventional ways to guide the Rocket Fist through space, punching the faces of old satellites, space Nazis, and 80s tecno demons as you go. Inspired by bad film and TV depictions of video games, you will be made to wave your controller around wildly, mashing buttons, anything short of throwing it at your screen, with secret game modes unlocking depending on how you hold the controller! ROCKET PUNCH is a PlayStation Camera game for PS4.


ROCKET PUNCH was conceived as part of a series of games by Chris Bulch focusing on experimental control schemes, with previous games including F5, AMERICLAP, GLUE STICK and TWITTER TRADING CARD GAME being released for free online, ROCKET PUNCH is our first attempt at a larger scale commercial project that aims to bring these concepts together as one.


  • Multiple ways to play depending on how the player interacts with the console
  • Makes you look ridiculous
  • The only PlayStation Camera game that isn't Just Dance


I'm making a PS Camera gameYouTube

First Pre-Alpha Playthrough of ROCKET PUNCHYouTube


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    Owen Good, Polygon

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