With a rich history of making interactive oddities for each other, SHAME, Intercontinental was founded by a Facebook group of weirdos in order to bring more experimental, strange, and pure fun gameplay to gamers worldwide.


SHAME, Intercontinental first met in the Facebook fan group for a certain podcast. After a couple of years of making games, music, and memes for each other (and gaining some attention in the wider world along the way!) we decided to set up shop in an effort to spread the madness far and wide.



Rocket Punch Announcement Vlog/Gameplay Video YouTube

Indie Game Devlog #2 - Punch Nazis YouTube

Indie Game Devlog #3 - The Dumbest Photo Mode YouTube

Selected Articles

  • ‘Idiot gaming’ developer is back with a PS4 game that’ll make you act like an imbecile
    Owen Good, Polygon
  • Ah, the glorious Stars and Stripes, stroking that flagpole vigorously in time with your amorous applause. This is Americlap, the spirit of patriotism is one intentionally stupid game.
    Mike Fahey, Kotaku
  • Americlap is the most intentionally stupid, monotonous game since Desert Bus
    Jeffrey Matulef, Eurogamer
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